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5 Ways to Improve the Beer Experience in Your Venue

Beer sales feeling a little…flat? If beer is not something you commonly pay attention to, it might pay to think again – beer can deliver excellent margins of around 100-150%. So, if you’d like to boost your till, take a look through our five straightforward tips for improving the beer experience for your customers.


Introducing or upgrading to branded beer taps

Let’s face it – there’s no competition between squinting at beer bottles in a bar fridge and pointing to an icy cold beer tap adorned with the logo of your favourite beer. If you haven’t got branded beer taps at your venue then perhaps it’s time to get them – and it’s surprisingly easy to do so. Malt Shovel can get you set up with beer taps that will suit any sized space with a countertop, built-in and even mobile tap beer options.


Changing up your beer options on the regular

You’ll want to keep things fresh and exciting so your customers keep coming back for more. Of course, there’s always a place for beloved classics like Tooheys or Hahn, but it’s also wise to bring in new experiences because chances are that’s what your competitor down the road is doing. Malt Shovel can be your best friend in terms of changing things up with access to limited release and seasonal beers from Australia’s favourite craft breweries as well as smaller keg sizes so you can be confident that you’ll sell every last drop at the bottom of the keg


‘Beerducating’ your staff

You can order in the most amazingly flavourful beer, but if your bartenders aren’t educated properly then customers could end up with flat beer or worse, a foul taste in their mouth if the beer hasn’t been stored properly or is pouring through dirty lines. Customers now days have increasingly higher service expectations so it’s well worth setting aside some time to educate your staff on all things beer including styles, tap systems, and how to pour the perfect pint. Feeling a bit daunted? Malt Shovel has the experience and can help you out with staff training options across Australia


Using branded glassware and barware

Branding works, and if a customer sees the bloke at the next table savouring a cold pint of Little Creatures or Furphy then the name will be at the tip of their tongue before they even realise it. Branded glasses can also spark conversations about the latest beers and inspire others to try new varieties. Speak with your friendly beer distributor (that’s us!) about branded glassware, bar mats, T-shirts for your staff and other great-looking goodies from Australia’s most beloved breweries.


Holding regular events

Happy Hour, Trivia Nights or a simple beer and meal deals cannot only add to the experience of, savouring a cold one, but they also drive customers to your venue on quieter days and provide trade-up opportunities for more revenue i.e. from a schooner to a pint, or a pint to a jug. If you do run a bar, pub, restaurant or even café then it’s well worth considering the benefits of running weekly events to build a loyal and local customer base.


Ready to get a kick start your beer offering? The Malt Shovel team is here to help.


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We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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