Let’s face it – the typical corporate event can be a snooze-fest. Add the four simple ingredients of hops, yeast, grain and water and things get a lot more interesting. You might not immediately pair the idea of beer with corporate functions, but that’s exactly what Miro Bellini and his fellow beer ambassadors at Malt Shovel are bringing to offices and venues around the country.


These corporate beer experiences suit any scenario, from an office of 10 people to a conference of 250. Miro and his team bring in beer options from the many breweries we work with, including Little Creatures, Furphy, James Squire and Brooklyn Brewery. Then as you sip and savour, Miro treats the room to a good yarn or three, beer tastings and food matching to suit your catering, and even a beer cocktail. Far from being appealing to just the established beer lovers, these corporate events are a way to educate and engage your employees in a fresh and relaxed way – and you’ll probably all leave feeling that way too.


Saying that Miro loves beer is an understatement. He serves longnecks at dinner instead of wine, couldn’t live without ambers and pale ales, and the way he talks about Belgian-style beers verges on the poetic.



You might as well sit down with a cold one to hear Miro’s beer credentials, because the list is mighty long.


Miro has hosted beer tastings for years, trained at venues on beer and beer service, worked as a beer sommelier at Beer DeLuxe, set up breweries, run brewery tours and judged at Tokyo’s International Beer Cup. He judges at the Australian International Beer Awards, and once paired Australian beers with music played by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Oh, and he also co-founded Australia’s Good Beer Week festival to share the love for craft beers – an event that’s become highly anticipated the world over. Miro is justifiably stoked to be the Australian Ambassador for Brooklyn Brewery: the pioneering craft brewery whose co-founder literally wrote the book on brewing craft beers. Given how frothin’ busy he is, we’ve been lucky to nab Miro as one of our beer ambassadors at Malt Shovel.


So what can you expect at of Miro’s corporate beer tasting events? Prepare to be enlightened, even if you’re barely beer curious. An hour of alternating presentation and tastings, with beer top-ups throughout. Q&A time to answer your long-pondered beer questions. The opening of special beers for those interested in something different. And the chance to sample a perfect beer cocktail; Miro says developing these requires “an open mind, and the motivation to try again and tweak your recipe. Any beer cocktail where you can’t actually taste the beer is a bit of a fail.”


When it comes to uniting teams in a workplace, beer can actually provide a natural way of bringing everyone together. When quizzed about his perfect Friday afternoon beer, Miro says it’s all about pouncing on the moment when silent work has reached a point of diminished returns. “We could each skulk out without goodbyes. But that really shows no respect to the team and all the good work that was achieved in the week. The perfect office beer involves talking to one another, without rank, about the week that was and recognising one another. Beer without people is flavourless.”


To find out more about having Miro or one of his fellow beer ambassadors (and great beer) at your next corporate event, get in touch with the Malt Shovel team today.


Want to add a point of difference to your menu? Why not bounce some beer and food matching ideas off our beer ambassadors?




We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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