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Top 5 Benefits of Having Beer Taps Installed in Your Office

The concept of ‘fresh draught beer at work’ might conjure images of a thirsty and unruly mob, but it can actually make great business sense. Whether you run a small agency or a large multinational business, check out these five very good reasons to install beer taps in your office.


1. Tap beer beats bottled beer every time.

Forget the stale bottles of beer hiding at the back of the work fridge and treat your team to a freshly poured beer straight from the tap instead. Draught beer is better in pretty much every way – it takes up less space in the fridge (especially with our neat countertop tap systems), it means no more empty bottles in the bin, and with our office-friendly small keg sizes you can always expect a fresh, high-quality beverage.


2. It’s a serious work perk.

Generous remuneration, yeah yeah. Free tap beer at work? Now we’re talking! If you’re looking to engage top talent, you’ll need to stand out in the recruiting game. It’s now fairly common for offices to be dog-friendly and there seem to be foosball and ping pong tables aplenty, but there aren’t too many employers offering ice-cold draught beer at the end of the week. Great work perks lead to happier employees and higher office morale, which has a positive on-flow effect on business performance all round. Everyone wins with beer.


3. Friday nights will be done just right – fresh!

A fresh pint of beer is the Australian way – we use it to thank people, cheers to business deals and unwind after a long week. Knocking off on a Friday arvo and enjoying a few fresh beers straight from the tap can be a bonding experience for everyone involved, particularly after a challenging week. With tap beer in the office, you won’t need to go far for a proper schooner or pint of beer and you’ll be able to relax in your own office space with your co-workers. Everyone already knows the way home – and you can even control the music!


4. You’ll save money on mysterious bar tabs.

If you take the team out for a celebratory drink or take a client out for a beer or two, you never know how much you’ll be charging to your credit card until you get the final tab. With in-office beer taps, you’ll find excellent value for money and know exactly what your beer spend is each month, all while recreating the bar or pub beer experience. That makes for better financial sense and far more relaxed bosses.


5. Great things can happen when co-workers socialise.

Mega-corporations know how important it is to foster collaboration at work. Google’s New York campus was designed so no employee is further than 150 feet from a kitchen or café, because these types of communal spaces encourage discussion and teamwork between departments. A product engineer might discuss their problem with a researcher and find the solution over a sandwich, for example. Throwing around ideas around a freshly poured beer is kind of like that, but about 1,000 times more inspiring – and dare we say, probably more fun.


It’s an incredibly simple ‘plug-and-play’ process to install draught beer taps in offices around Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia. Simply get in touch with the team and we’ll help you get started.


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