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Are beer drinkers changing faster than you are?

Australians love beer; there’s no secret there. It’s pretty obvious actually, with the number of breweries growing from a mere 30 to over 400 in the last ten years. We’d say that’s a whole lot of froth in a short amount of time – in more ways than one. To top it off, 27 percent of millennials now rate beer as their first drink of choice. So, you can imagine that we’re entering a time where beer drinkers, fuelled by their passion for a pint, know quite a bit about the craft.


As a bar, restaurant or cafe, it’s more important than ever to understand what your customer wants so that you can provide an experience that will have them licking their lips and coming back for more. And, when it comes to beer we’ve got you covered – here’s what’s happening with today’s beer drinkers and how you can best meet their ever-changing expectations.


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Beer drinkers expect the very best service


The instant economy and online services like Deliveroo, Uber and Amazon, have paved the way for a new breed of customer across all industries. They expect the places they eat and drink at to be everything they dreamed of or salivated over – because don’t we all? This means being able to offer a seamless, smooth and memorable experience is no longer a ‘benefit’ but the standard.


For venues, this ultimately comes down to your service, which very much includes your bartenders when we’re talking about beer. Bartender’s need to be completely across what they’re selling. As craft beer drinkers become more knowledgeable so to do their demands on a bartender to ‘know-it-all’. Whether it’s explaining the important flavor profile differences between some of you beers on tap or which beer someone should order with their meal, it all amounts to a more memorable experience.


Making sure your bartenders have access to training might mean the difference between an upsell or no sale at all.


Quality is everything so managing it is key


It’s a beautiful time to be a beer drinker. Surrounded by a bounty of options, their thirst for knowledge continues to grow faster than ever before. From the colour, to the smell from the different hops it’s brewed with, beer lovers are as keen to learn as they are to drink. But, with that knowledge comes a stark sophistication in the standard of beer served.


The challenge for venues then is to provide consistent quality of product with the knowledge to fit and pass on to those that seek it. But, this includes more than just ensuring you have fresh kegs on tap or a smile with every serve.


Our in-house Cicerone, Paul Daley says, “There are quite a few common reasons why beer might not taste as delicious as it does fresh out of the brewery, and if you don’t know how to protect your bar, or detect the problem with your palate then you might get those persistent beer drinking ‘connoisseurs’ telling you to clean your beer lines – and they’re probably right.


Some other things to note that will affect the quality of the beer you serve: bottled beer in fridges with harsh fridge lights week after week can light struck the beer which will change it’s flavour, beer lines that aren’t cleaned weekly will build up scum and eventually effect every keg that is tapped leaving the beer tasting funky, beer lines that aren’t carbonated properly will have issues with head retention and ultimately impact flavour, and let’s not forget beer served in anything other than perfectly clean glasses will absolutely drastically impact taste.”


In-house Cicerone


Our in-house Cicerone Paul Daley lending a hand. Image by:


Choice is a powerful point of difference

Not only do beer drinkers want a great time these days, a good laugh with the bartender and a delicious beer, but they also want a unique and interesting selection of beers to explore. It’s all about choice.


Gone are the days where every pub could have the same beer as the one on the next corner. Of course, there will always be a place in the hearts of beer drinkers everywhere for all time favorite brews but it’s not necessarily what drives people through the door. Craft drinkers are constantly on the hunt for new beers to discover, and a ‘different experience’ is something they’re more likely to pay more for. Ensuring your venue is catering to new tastes and keeping things fresh can create a point of difference, which ultimately will keep more adventurous beer drinkers happy and walking through your door.


Sure, we’re all creatures of habit so some will simply stick to their favourite ale in the end, but it’s the experience of having options which can elevate your venue in the eyes of potential customers and future regulars.


Want to add a point of difference to your menu? Why not bounce some beer and food matching ideas off our beer ambassadors?




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