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Retail with Josh Daley – Mane Liquor.

Perth’s Mane Liquor is one of the best bottle shop experiences you’ll find anywhere in Australia. A massive range of beer from all over the world, passionate and knowledgeable staff and a beautifully presented store has given this award-winning bottle shop the reputation it deserves. We catch up with co-owner Josh Daley to get an insight into beer retail.


Q1 – Mane Liquor has grown a reputation as One Of, if not The Best, beer retailer in the country. How have you gone about developing that reputation?


A – There’s no ground-breaking information here. In all honesty, we just try to sell products that we are comfortable getting around. Every single staff member at Mane is passionate about booze and what they put into their mouths, and we just want to pass that information onto our customers best we can. And let’s face it, if it’s good booze then it does the selling for us.


Q2 – You’re very active on social media, what role has that played in creating a following?


A – Social media is huge for us. One of the more important aspects of our business. As you can imagine, our business model is about ‘new, new, new!’ Social media helps us stay at the forefront of what products customers want. It helps us spread what interesting and new products we’ve got that week in a matter of seconds. It’s also a super easy way for our customers to get in contact with us, especially since everyone is on their phone these days and it seems people are much more likely to interact with us via messages over social media than they are to pick up the phone and call our shop.


Q3 – You have over 1000 beers in store, how do you select your range and how do you manage it ongoing, so all your beers are fresh?


A -There are plenty of beer rating websites out there (Untappd, Ratebeer .etc.) which are great sources to search beers on to gather more info and see how customers in other parts of the world have received them. That’s not to say that if a beer doesn’t rate particularly well with ‘beer nerds’ who use those websites then we shouldn’t order it. On the contrary, if it sticks out on an order form, chances are it’s going to stick out on the shelf once it’s in the shop. Another big part of having so many beers, is you’ve got to try lots and stay on top of trends and styles so it helps your ordering in the future. Might sound like a dream ‘trying beer’s’ all the time (which it kinda is), but you genuinely have to keep on top of the ever changing trends in the beer markets which inevitably help you order down the track


Q4 – Perth is the most mature beer market in Australia, where do you see trends heading over the next 12 months?


A – We seem to follow the US beer market quite heavily, albeit we’re about a year or two behind. The big thing over their right now is Hard Seltzer’s. For maybe the first time in a long time, I don’t think we will follow that model. I struggle to see a true blue Aussie bloke getting into Hard Seltzer’s but stranger things have happened. Personally I still think Sour Beer has a lot of growth left in it.


Q5 – You’ve been trading with Malt Shovel now for 18 months, how is the partnership working for you?


A – Great! Had a lot of help from you guys and appreciate the heavier focus on independent liquor stores – they find a way to trade with me that specifically suits my business, Malt Shovel would certainly be in the top handful of suppliers that I deal with.


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We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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