What is good workplace culture? It can be difficult to create but the benefits are hard to ignore. Highly engaged employees are less likely to leave their job or take sickies; they’re more productive and profitable, and even less likely to steal from the business! So how do you go about encouraging a great workplace culture? As in many situations, the answer could well be beer…


Having beer in the office is a tasty way to show your appreciation.

More than half of employees who intend to leave a job say it’s because they feel underappreciated. The key is to cultivate a culture of gratitude in your organisation. If you have the type of workplace where staff might need to stay behind to finish work, then thanking them with an occasional beer is a fantastic way to show your appreciation. In the same way, sharing a cold and freshly poured bevvie with clients shows that you hold them in high regard and that you’re grateful for their relationship with the business.


Social connection lowers stress and reduces tension.

Humans are social creatures, and Aussies in particular love to socialise around a few frosties. It’s not the beer itself that lowers stress, but the fact that you and your co-workers are gathering and talking on a regular basis. And that social connection can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of anxiety and depression, boost self-esteem and empathy, and even make you live longer! Even more reason to kick back with your staff on a Friday afternoon!


Having a draught beer system in the office shows you trust your employees.

The modern workplace has been evolving. It’s no longer productive to expect everyone to arrive on the dot of 9am and leave well after 5:30pm, just because that’s the way things have always been done. Modern employers are moving away from rules and towards trust; offering flexible working hours and relaxed working environments in return for boosted productivity. By providing tap beer in your office kitchen or bar, you provide another element of trust and collaboration in the workplace.


In encouraging gratitude, connection and a sense of respect, you’ll be building the perfect foundations for a great workplace culture to thrive. No idea how to get tap beer in the office? Malt Shovel makes good beer easy. We’ll help you get set up with a risk-free trial of a beer tap system and can supply small beer keg options from all your favourite beer brands, with no minimum freight or order requirements. Contact us today.


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