Here at Malt Shovel, we believe that knowing more about beer is critical to providing the best beer experience to customers, and ultimately driving more growth through beer. But beer is simple right? Wrong! There’s a lot to know about beer and it can make a huge difference to your business. From the right range of beers for your venue to the type of glassware you serve it in and how often you clean your beer lines, we’re here to support and help you learn.



Here’s where we demystify malt and hops, and differentiate pale ales from pilsners. Learn about which types of beer could be ideal for your venue, event or business. And hear our passionate Beer Ambassadors wax lyrical about their favourite beers to try and share.



Join us as we dive into the details of serving up the freshest icy cold tap beer yourself. Learn how to pull the perfect pint, how to clean your tap lines and how to serve beer at the perfect temperature. We also explore some of our favourite food and beer pairings.



Discover a whole lot of things you might not know (yet) about beer. Learn about how beer can boost employee engagement in the workplace, the changing ways that customers are enjoying beer plus insights from within the Australian craft brewery scene.

We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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