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Our top food and beer matching tips for your venue this festive season

Give your customers something a little bit special.


We might be bias but there’s not too much beer doesn’t pair with, right? Summer barbeques, a good game of cricket, a huge holiday feast – they’re all topped off by a cold frothy or three. And, while we’re not here to tell you what to serve your loyal patrons these holidays, we can recommend some delicious dishes food matches that might just lift their spirits higher than you’d think. With its complexity of flavour, its ability to provide refreshment and to interact with a range of flavour intensities, here’s our top food and beer matching tips to create a jolly feast at your venue these holidays.


1. Match your seasonal beers to seasonal foods

We hate to point out the obvious, but seasonal beers go hand in hand with seasonal food. Why? Well, they’re both based off using flavours that coincide with the weather, time of year, and the ingredients that are only available seasonally. As we enter Australia’s iconic searing summer, lighter brews will be on the tips of patrons tongues across the sweaty land. Try pairing your lagers and pale ales with seafood baskets, fish of the day and farm to table salads and vegetables. We always tip a great salmon dish as a winner for punters.


Try something like this roast salmon dish with a Eumundi lager.


2. Get real festive

You can’t have a holiday menu without getting a bit nostalgic for the classics. Honey baked ham, turkey, cranberries, potato gratin – all things we crave at this time of year. Why not surprise and delight your patrons with a traditional item on the menu – perhaps a weekend special. This year our pick is a beer glazed ham which can be paired with most suds (we like a strong ale) and a cheeky side of potatoes and greens.


3. Beer makes the perfect pal to a good snack

Beer, it’s just exciting, it’s the start of a good time and equally the start of a good dinner. Snacks and starters, probably everyone’s favourite plate to tuck into as it’s often a small dish that’s packed full of flavour and can be shared around the table – just like a round. Think tasty seafood like salt and pepper calamari with a green salad sided by a Pilsner. The trick is to go for beers that are lighter in body and aren’t jam packed with hops.


Kick off your holiday menu by pairing an award winning Little Creatures Pilsner with a starter of Salt & Pepper Squid with herb and garlic.


4. Odd pairings work where they shouldn’t

Schnitzel with a pale lager is any punters classic cuisine choice, but what about the more unusual pairings? Have you tried stout with oysters or salted popcorn with a robust porter? Better yet is the saltiness of baked pork rinds with the sour cherry flavours of a Belgian Kriek. Because of its range and complexity, beer has the ability of transcending typical flavour profiles. It’s magic, really.


Try this unconventional pairing next time you’re in the hot seat: White Rabbit Dark Ale with Lime Pistachio Dukkah added to your cheeseboard.


5. Beer paired desserts are a festive blessing

Misperceptions about beer’s lack of sophistication when coupled with dessert are thankfully becoming old news quickly. In fact, beer and the sweet side of life are fast becoming the best of friends – because they often carry the same flavour notes. Basically, it’s all about matching up the right beer with the ideal dessert to create the ultimate taste bud takeover. Our pick the round out the night? A sticky date pudding or beery based strudel.


Find a coffee stout to add to your fridges and pair it with this sticky toffee pudding for a winning combination.


Want to add a point of difference to your menu? Why not bounce some beer and food matching ideas off our beer ambassadors?




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