FAQs by cafes & restaurants

Tap beer sounds great – but is it right for your business? Here’s where we break down the most commonly asked questions from restaurants and cafés looking to introduce draught beer to their menus. So whether you’re serving up fine dining or cheerful lunches, we have solutions large and small to suit your needs.

I really want tap beer, but we just don’t have the space. Can you help?

Malt Shovel has several different options for tap beer, including easy countertop options to fit spaces big and small. We can also provide cleaning and maintenance training for your staff to keep you pouring without interruption!

We’re not sure if tap beer is for us, but we would like to trial it out. Can we do this?

Absolutely. We can provide a free trial and installation of a draught beer system for your cafe or restaurant. It’s 100% risk free with the option to back out at any time, so why not try it out today!

We don’t sell a lot of beer, is there a minimum we must order?

At Malt Shovel we understand that different businesses have different needs, and we cater for all. That’s why we have no minimum freight on all orders.

We usually just buy beer from the bottle shop. Is Malt Shovel easier than just doing this?

Malt Shovel’s philosophy is Good Beer, Made Easy – and we mean it! We’ve taken all the hassle out of ordering to make it as simple as possible.  That means quick and easy sign up, flexible delivery to suit your schedule, and simple payment options. Oh, and you can order straight from your phone using our app. How good’s that?

We want to order all our alcoholic products through the same supplier, can we do this with Malt Shovel?

We know how frustrating it can be trying to keep track of multiple orders and deliveries at once, and now you don’t have to. Malt Shovel is not just a beer company, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your beer, wine and kombucha needs.

Can you help us with advertising our new beer products?

Yes we can, we provide ongoing support to help you drive sales and brand awareness in your venue.

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We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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