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Blackhearts & Sparrows is a group of service oriented bottle shops with a range of spirits/wine/beer built around discovery & occasion. There is room for some of our core beers, but there are many suppliers who could say the same thing. What we needed was a way to engage the business, the teams and their customers with something they value alongside a very specific ongoing offering.



We identified a brand and beers we thought would work best, a brewery that also gave us access to specialty beer and talent for digital activation. By underwriting the activity with a commitment to ranging the beers and hosting a digital event, this gave us the opportunity to build a plan to create something unique. This event celebrated key aspects as to the strengths of Blackhearts & Sparrows and Brooklyn Brewery and eth Brooklyn Brewery Beers. We supplied specialty beer, design & digital support as well as access to talent & content.



Every public facing partner event puts a business relationship at risk. Never more true than 2020. With clear, regular communication and planning both parties built a successful event together. Promotional activity pulled through the highly priced specialty beer faster than any super premium beer to hit the shelves previously. This activity also set the core beers up with profile in the eyes of staff and customers just before a key spring trading period.

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