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One of the biggest trends we are seeing at the moment is a reduction in large consumption of alcohol and educated choices on brands – quality over quantity. The most important aspects we assess when looking at a beer list is identifying the demographic of our clientele, what’s currently trending in the beer market, finally and probably the easiest yet most important tool – we look at our sales and identify what sold really well, as well as those that maybe didn’t hit the mark.



The Malt Shovel team really pride themselves on their ever-changing range of beers from Australia’s local craft breweries and their extensive range has helped our venue stand out in its own way. Beyond delivering the classics that continue to perform well with our clientele – the ever-changing range of limited releases means that we always have something new and different on our menu.



The on-going support from their crew of beer experts as well as their staff education support on all things craft beer means that we are always up-to-date with beer trends and understand the tasting notes and key selling points for each brew. Beyond our new extensive range of beer, the team has additionally supported an overhaul of our glassware + ensure our lines and tap systems are running smoothly.

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We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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