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The team at the newly-renovated Hardimans Hotel loves to offer flavourful and interesting beers. They had multiple rotating taps and they were keen to keep these taps independent, rather than have them dictated by tap contracts. Unfortunately, this meant they were paying minimum order fees and full ticket price with wholesalers. They began looking for a new provider who would support their diverse offerings, which is how they came across Malt Shovel.



Malt Shovel visited Hardimans Hotel to discuss their experiences and a better alternative. We’re a little different to most wholesalers in that we don’t charge minimum order fees. We can provide simple off-invoice discounts and next day delivery, and perhaps most importantly, we offer access to a huge range of beers and an ever-changing list of limited edition and one-off brews. As the Hardimans Hotel team puts it, “We love the fact you can pre-order the limited beers so we never miss out!”



We’re now delivering a range of interesting beers to Hardimans Hotel on the regular, and the team couldn’t be happier. They sum it up best: “Thanks to Malt Shovel’s easy ways of business we’ve managed to keep our margins where we need them, as well as being able to offer our customers Furphy all day every day at a great price. And, for our more crafty clientele the limited beers are a great addition to our tap bank.” Great beers and great value –cheers to that!

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