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Status Quo/Before

Manly Life Saving Club previously used a national supplier as well as a local supplier to meet their beer delivery needs. Unfortunately, the local supplier lacked depth in their range and would regularly have supply and service issues, while the national supplier often contacted the club about not ordering enough stock! The club needed more reliable, flexible and diverse beer delivery to keep the taps flowing, so they got in touch with Malt Shovel.



Malt Shovel can provide plenty of support to local clubs with our diverse range, reliable delivery, and no minimum order requirement. Manly LSC was thrilled with this support, saying, “We weren’t penalised for ordering smaller volumes, and the team even paid for and assisted with the installation of a fourth tap for the venue; providing everything from merchandise and glassware to promotions and lessons in beer line maintenance.”



The Manly Life Saving Club says it’s been an extremely positive experience working with the Malt Shovel team. “We now have a much broader range of products to offer our customers, and through the support of their team we’ve increased our knowledge of everything from ingredients to sales and line cleaning – resulting in a better experience for our members and guests.” Here at Malt Shovel, we love to see happy local clubs.

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