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A true love affair

You see, about a year ago, we took out a little spot in Camperdown so we could do what we love every day – make great craft beers and help small bars, restaurants and pubs do what they love best too.


See, we had a bit of a look around the place, did some digging you could say. We noticed a lot of the ‘small guys’ – bars, restaurants and pubs – could use a bit more love to get ahead of the game – and even some ‘big guys’ too. We wanted to support them in that.


So as a beer crew, we’ve been running, chatting and cheersing all around the place so more businesses can understand how beer can form a big part of how they grow. Because at the end of the day, beer is Australia’s favourite beverage and the more people who are enjoying the delicious golden liquids we’re so crazy about the better!


At Malt Shovel we try to be nimble, not quite athletically, but more so as a business. Solve problems; get stuff done. We make it our job to nail the hard things for our customers in a way that makes life easier for them.


It hasn’t been all too tough on us either; we’ve swapped stories over many a beer, managing to meet some great characters along the way.


Beer Story


But is that love?


Well, if you asked our Beer Ambassador, Mo, he’d probably say it’s pretty damn close.


He’d say, “Our customers come first. And, there’s nothing we rate more highly than exploring our mutual love of beer together and helping them find avenues for growth, which is what we’re all about”.


And he’s not wrong.


So, maybe this isn’t the tear jerking, romantic plot twist you thought it might be. But, it’s certainly one we can all raise a beer to.




The Malt Shovel Team


Malt Shovel Team



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We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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