Australian beer suppliers all do essentially the same thing, right? As it turns out, beverage suppliers can be as different as a Guinness is to Pale Ale (that is, very!). Malt Shovel stands apart from the rest for a few important reasons that provide real advantages for your business or venue.


We supply more than just beer.
Sure, we’re known around town as the beer specialists, but we provide a range of top spirits, wines and kombucha too. That means one simple order for all your beverage needs. Why pay for an extra service when you don’t need to?


Malt Shovel provides support and training, all in one.
Here’s a kicker that makes Malt Shovel stand head and shoulders above other beer suppliers. We have a ridiculously passionate team of beer specialists on board who are here to help you with everything brewed. You can contact us to set up a 100% free draught beer trial in your bar, restaurant or even your office. We can help with a beer tap system that’s right for your needs; the most exciting and the best-loved beers from Australia and overseas; plus, all the support and staff training you need to pour like a pro. We can come to you and provide in-depth training for your staff on how to clean beer lines, how to talk about beer and how to promote beers to boost your bottom dollar.


Ordering, Payment and delivery is far easier and more flexible.
You won’t need to be spending hours on the phone to your beer supplier every month just to put orders in. You also won’t want to be waiting around for orders to be delivered when you have better things to do. That’s why we’ve made it easy to order through a simple mobile app – click a few times and you’re done. That being said, our team is a wealth of knowledge, so if you are looking for exciting and limited edition beers then you can call or email at any time. We offer next day delivery in metro areas if you order by 12pm local time, we have no minimum order requirement and we have multiple payment options. Good beer made easy!


We support the small businesses too.
We supply smaller eight litre and 20 litre kegs that are perfect if you’re just getting started or like to change up menu offerings for your customers. This also gives you the flexibility to try out special releases from favourite breweries including Little Creatures, Furphy Refreshing Ale & Eumundi Brewery.


We’re your one-stop shop for beer merch and branded gear.
With Malt Shovel you have another secret weapon – all the marketing beer gear to inspire greater purchases of the brands you have on tap. Let us help you out with beer mats, staff T-shirts, glassware, tap handles and beer of the month kits, right up to neon signage. The right brand names seen at the right times and places can encourage repeat sales and turn ‘just one’ beer into a great night out at your venue or event.


There are serious advantages to partnering with Malt Shovel for your beer, wine, spirits and kombucha deliveries, and we’re a surprisingly affordable supplier too. To get started, just get in touch.


Want to add a point of difference to your menu? Why not bounce some beer and food matching ideas off our beer ambassadors?




We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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We offer a large range of unique and great tasting beers!

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